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Ossett Depot Overhaul

Ossett Depot Overhaul


Our Osset Depot has recently undergone an overhaul in order to improve efficiency and increase good communication between departments.

This was achieved by integrating our hire desk team, service team, & customer care team into one open plan office space.

Our Ossett depot is located at Milner Way, Ossett, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF5 9JE. Speak to our friendly team today 03300 580802

New Machines for Lifterz

New Machines for Lifterz

At Lifterz, we’re always looking to improve the selection of hire platforms. Being at the forefront of the latest technology, guarantees we always have the perfect solution for our customers.

That’s why we’ve invested in 318 new machines across all our 5 depots including a range of Genies, Snorkels, Haulottes and Manitous. Be sure to ask about these today.

2018 Sees New Starters Join Us

2018 Sees New Starters Join Us


We’re still in the first quarter of 2018, but here at Lifterz we have already had 10 new starters since January.

Our new recruitment drive demonstrates the continuing growth of our business and we look forward to sharing their skills with you in our quest to deliver a first class service to all our customers.

Our full list our new starters are:

Ossett Depot:

Richie Boocock – PDI Engineer
Daniel Lloyd – PDI Engineer
Daniel Kaye – Hire Office
Richard Frost – HGV Driver
Seanne Gardner – Hire Office

Daventry Depot:

Jason Butlin – Hire Office
Kyle Smith – Engineer
Alex Ruttledge – Mobile Engineer
Nigel Parr – HGV Driver

Haydock Depot:

Lee Campbell – Engineer

Scissor Failure in the USA

Scissor Failure in the USA


Recently as featured on Vertikal was a news story highlighting the importance of wearing a safety harness whilst working at height.

The 32ft Genie scissor lift, was involved in securing steel beams working alongside the crane. Alarmingly, the machine’s fixed end pivot points parted company with the platform, causing it to tip and dump the operator. Fortunately, the operator was wearing a harness which potentially saved his life.

Here at Lifterz, we offer comprehensive training to make sure things like this never happen! Call our training department today to see what courses we can offer you, 03300 580807

Full Vertikal story can be seen by clicking here.

Introducing the Genie Z-60/37FE, one of many Hybrid Booms we’ve taken delivery of this year

Introducing the Genie Z-60/37FE, one of many Hybrid Booms we’ve taken delivery of this year

With a working height of 20.16m, this impressive platform is ideal for outdoor and indoor applications, such as construction sites, sports arenas, malls, manufacturing facilities, and even challenging pedestrian areas with the demand for low noise and clean performance. It is part of many we have introduced to cope with all terrain jobs.

It has a 1.52 m (5 ft) jib boom with 135˚ working range, offering a 11.15 horizontal outreach.

Give us a call today to hire this machine on 03300 580802 or find out more information about it here.

Lifterz code: BB60

A Company has Been Fined £1m After the Death of an Electrician from a Step-ladder Fall

A Company has Been Fined £1m After the Death of an Electrician from a Step-ladder Fall


A self-employed electrical contractor was carrying out some work for a bakery when they fell off a step-ladder that was provided. The worker subsequently died from the injuries.

Hull Crown Court heard how the worker was contracted to complete electrical work for Greencore Grocery Ltd in Hull. In October 2013, the worker was wiring a motor situated above a machine whilst standing on a stepladder. The company agreed this work activity could be completed using a stepladder, which it had provided.

An investigation by the Health & Safety executive (HSE) found that Greencore failed to properly plan the work.

Greencore Grocery Ltd of Apex Park, Amsterdam Road, Sutton Fields Industrial Estate Hull, pleaded guilty to breaching Section 3 (1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. It was fined £1,000,000 and ordered to pay costs of £30,000.

HSE inspector Denise Fotheringham said after the hearing: “Falls from height remain one of the most common causes of work related fatalities in Great Britain, the risks associated with working at height are well known.

“Work at height regulations require that all work at height is properly planned and appropriate access is provided. If Greencore had carried this out this death could have been prevented.”

A Harness Saves A Life!

A Harness Saves A Life!


Received from Australia, a dramatic video clip of a man who’s life is saved by wearing an attached harness while unloading a boom lift from a tilt bed truck.

While the video clip was uploaded this week, the security camera footage appears to show that it dates back to 2014 – assuming the date on the camera is correct.

It seems that the man started to drive the platform, a Genie Z-30, down the back of the tilted truck bed, which is fitted with a very steep final ramp. The boom either runs away or comes off one of the ramps. Alternatively the man operates the boom at full speed and then getting nervous lets go of the controls with the brakes slamming on as the front wheels reach the ground. Either ways a huge dynamic overturning force adds to steep angle of the lift and the fact that this type of lift – designed for smooth flat industrial surfaces – has a higher centre of gravity than a Rough Terrain boom.

Gravity naturally has its way, and the boom overturns lengthwise, catapulting the operator from the basket. Thankfully he has a harness on and the lanyard is short enough to keep him from smashing into the ground. A very lucky escape only made possible by the fact that he at least had the brains or training to wear and attach the harness in the first place. If of course he had gone further and attached a winch line he might have avoided the entire event, something his groin area and private parts might be wishing he had done.

This should be cumpulsory viewing for every truck driver delivering aerial work platforms.

Lifterz First Female Apprentice Engineer…..

Lea is our newest recruit here at our Head office in Ossett, Lea has now been offered her Engineering Apprenticeship which has all stemmed from her Grandad being the workshop foreman here at our Ossett depot.

Today I had a chat with Lea to find out what moved her towards a career in engineering.

What made you Choose engineering & when did you realise you wanted to be an Engineer?

I’ve always been surrounded by engineering, from a young age my granddad always encouraged me to get involved with fixing items in the garage. After I finished school I took an Animal care course at collage for a year but it just didn’t feel right. Since starting at Lifterz I wake up in a morning and look forward to coming to work.

2. Do you think your granddad has had an impact on your career choice?

Yes definitely, my granddad is an inspiration he’s always encouraged me not to sit around and to get out in the garage and help him fix things. My granddad made me try a different career before this because he wanted me to make sure it is definitely what I want to do, and I’m so glad he did because I know that engineering is the right career for me.

3. What do you enjoy about Engineering?

Everything! I Love fixing the machines, and also the people I’m working with its important you get on with your colleagues and every single one of them is willing to help. I really enjoy learning about the different parts and technologies of the machines and seeing them all in bits being fixed to then fully working and ready.

“I love everything about it, I cant pick fault with anything about the job”

“I’ve always dreamed of being an engineer and I cant believe its actually happening”

Sam Locket – Parts Manger

We would like to congratulate Sam Lockett, who has moved from our hire office to become our Parts Manager.

Sam has now got the task of reorganizing our stores department. Yesterday a whole mezzanine floor level was added. We are also importing some more racking which will then provide us with a full store of service parts for each line in our hire fleet.

Sam will be computerising it so that we do not have to rely on manufacturers for replacement parts, especially when a lot of our parts comes from abroad. The purpose is to be able to give a faster turnaround of breakdowns, both on site and in our workshop. We are working with parts suppliers on stocking arrangements. He will be monitoring stock levels and quantities, reordering stock and liaising with the engineers to make sure they have the correct equipment for the breakdown/refurb.

We believe this will benefit our machine standing time and will also be a huge benefit for our customers. The less time a machine is on a Red Tag then the quicker it can go out on hire.

This is part of our strategy to maintain our strapline, “Experience the Difference”.

We want to wish Sam all the best in his new Role.