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A Harness Saves A Life!

A Harness Saves A Life!


Received from Australia, a dramatic video clip of a man who’s life is saved by wearing an attached harness while unloading a boom lift from a tilt bed truck.

While the video clip was uploaded this week, the security camera footage appears to show that it dates back to 2014 – assuming the date on the camera is correct.

It seems that the man started to drive the platform, a Genie Z-30, down the back of the tilted truck bed, which is fitted with a very steep final ramp. The boom either runs away or comes off one of the ramps. Alternatively the man operates the boom at full speed and then getting nervous lets go of the controls with the brakes slamming on as the front wheels reach the ground. Either ways a huge dynamic overturning force adds to steep angle of the lift and the fact that this type of lift – designed for smooth flat industrial surfaces – has a higher centre of gravity than a Rough Terrain boom.

Gravity naturally has its way, and the boom overturns lengthwise, catapulting the operator from the basket. Thankfully he has a harness on and the lanyard is short enough to keep him from smashing into the ground. A very lucky escape only made possible by the fact that he at least had the brains or training to wear and attach the harness in the first place. If of course he had gone further and attached a winch line he might have avoided the entire event, something his groin area and private parts might be wishing he had done.

This should be cumpulsory viewing for every truck driver delivering aerial work platforms.

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