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Lifterz First Female Apprentice Engineer…..

Lea is our newest recruit here at our Head office in Ossett, Lea has now been offered her Engineering Apprenticeship which has all stemmed from her Grandad being the workshop foreman here at our Ossett depot.

Today I had a chat with Lea to find out what moved her towards a career in engineering.

What made you Choose engineering & when did you realise you wanted to be an Engineer?

I’ve always been surrounded by engineering, from a young age my granddad always encouraged me to get involved with fixing items in the garage. After I finished school I took an Animal care course at collage for a year but it just didn’t feel right. Since starting at Lifterz I wake up in a morning and look forward to coming to work.

2. Do you think your granddad has had an impact on your career choice?

Yes definitely, my granddad is an inspiration he’s always encouraged me not to sit around and to get out in the garage and help him fix things. My granddad made me try a different career before this because he wanted me to make sure it is definitely what I want to do, and I’m so glad he did because I know that engineering is the right career for me.

3. What do you enjoy about Engineering?

Everything! I Love fixing the machines, and also the people I’m working with its important you get on with your colleagues and every single one of them is willing to help. I really enjoy learning about the different parts and technologies of the machines and seeing them all in bits being fixed to then fully working and ready.

“I love everything about it, I cant pick fault with anything about the job”

“I’ve always dreamed of being an engineer and I cant believe its actually happening”

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