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Speedy partner with Electra to produce the first ever 27t all-electric beavertail vehicle.

One of the highest environmental factors our planet faces is from exhaust emissions and noise, reducing these is high on the agenda of Fleet Managers, and vehicle operators.

To help reduce this, Speedy Services, the leading provider of hire and services, working in collaboration with Electra, have brought to the market the first ever 27t all-electric beavertail powered access vehicle.

• The vehicle comes with an onboard charger, this means faster and more efficient charging times.
• Electra have a nation-wide 24hr network designed to support our drivers in the field.
• The equivalent diesel vehicle doing 20,000 miles per annum would create, 59,541kg KG of co2.

Working together with Electra, Speedy’s vision for a greener future is becoming a reality.

Speedy all-electric vehicle